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Paradisbakkeskolen – A perfect start

Paradisbakke school (Danish: Paradisbakkeskolen) is a medium-sized elementary school in Bornholm's second largest city, Nexø, located on East Bornholm.

All bilingual children are ensured a solid start to their school attendance on Bornholm through the reception classes (Danish: Modtagerklasser) at Paradisbakkeskolen in Nexø. The aim is to prepare each child to the general classes along with Danish children. The pupils of the reception classes take the same subjects as Danish pupils in the general classes but reception classes are smaller: Between 8 - 12 pupils in each classroom. The teachers focus on each pupils' educational, social and linguistic development as well as ensure activities with Danish pupils.

Children, who live far away from the school, will receive a bus card so they can take the bus to school and home again.

When the teachers of your child and the head of the reception classes conclude, that your child is well prepared for a general class, your child will either continue on the Paradisbakkeskole or another school closer to your home.

The school's values

Our value set is linked to the school's vision of being a sustainable community, where safety is in focus. We work systematically with green initiatives such as school gardens, sensory gardens, waste management, Baltic environmental co-operation, school rights and green flag. We attach great importance to the students' academic benefit, and have a very high implementation rate at the 9th grade exam. Our inclusion policy means that everyone must have the opportunity to complete the primary school.  


Soon after your family's arrival to Bornholm, you and your children will be invited to Paradisbakkeskolen, where the enrolment will take place. You will meet with the head of the reception classes and the teachers. You will be informed about the school, and you will have the opportunity to ask the questions you need.

More information


Head of Lower secondary school and Reception classes, Paradisbakkeskolen

Annika Bayskov Phone 0045 56 92 33 68

Or go to: Paradisbakkeskolen (it is in Danish).