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Where to live?


Whether you wish to rent, buy or build your own house, you will find relevant information below.



Bornholm has over 2000 public housing homes. We recommend that you will be written up in the various housing companies in good time as a waiting list may occur. The revaluation often costs a small amount.  

Public housing associations:  

Private housing associations:

You can also look for your new home here:

Youth housing

Youth housing is typically for students or young people with special needs. Ask the association in question about their specific requirements. 


Buy or build

The Municipality has gathered its building plots, property and real estate for sale in a portal.

The portal gives an overview of the municipality's grounds, houses and areas for sale. It also contains undeveloped privately owned grounds, which are laid out for development in the municipal plan, as well as areas awaiting local planning before the development can take place.

Click here to go to the portal (it is in Danish).

On you can search among every building plots, property and real estate for sale in Denmark.

For more information, contact Department for Properties and Operations (Danish: Center for Ejendomme og Drift):, Phone 0045 56 92 17 01.


Buying real estate in Denmark

Depending on where you come from, there are certain rules for buying real estate in Denmark.

For more information, please consult a real estate agent or read more about the rules on this website:

In any case, you must have a Danish CPR number or a personal tax number in order to buy a real estate in Denmark. The CPR number can only be issued if you already live in Denmark. If your future real estate will be your first address in Denmark, you must apply for a personal tax number issued by the Danish Tax Agency (Danish: Skattestyrelsen). Go to - English. After the deal on the real estate is done and you take on permanent residence in Denmark, you must register your entry at Citizen Service (Danish: Borgerservice) - Addresses and opening hours.

Housing in Denmark

Life in Denmark has gathered general information on housing in Denmark: - Housing