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Salary and Tax, what to expect

​On Bornholm, the average salary is 275,000-300,000 kr. per year – NOTE: This is in average - for example, a skilled mason earns approx. 360.000 – 460.000 kr per year (depending on the seniority and skills). Typically you´ll work 37 hours per week, and if you are employed permanently, you will also receive a salary when you are ill – and some places also when your child is sick. Do you want to know more about the Danish labor market and your rights, you can read more here:

About 1/3 of your salary is paid in taxes. If your income is 300,000 you pay approx. 100.000 in tax per year.  

You get many benefits for paying Taxes:  free primary schools, youth education and higher education, medical care, hospitalizations, library access, the Danish National Church etc